Weekly Photo Challenge : Framing The Sea

I never feel happy to spend my precious Saturday in my factory site. But I must. At least once in a month.

But everytime I get bored, I will go to my most favorite place in this site : the backyard of the site that is adjacent to the Java Sea. Usually I just sit to see the sky and the sea. If the weather is good, I can see some fishermen on their traditional fishing boats, the tank and cargo ships.

There is a long and rusty fence that enclosed the factory site. I love to standing behind the fence just to feel the wind touch my face. I also use this fence to play with the focus of the camera in my smartphone. I make the steel picket as a frame for the sea and the ship, and then change the focus to get a different feel of the picture.

Since the theme for this week is “Grid”, I shift the focus to the fence and let the sea and ships left out of focus for a while.




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