Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Mother of Water Between Us

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”


This river looks very calm and peaceful. In a glance, maybe you would not think this wide river is the border between two countries. You will think this is just an ordinary river.


This is Mae Nam Khong, the Mother of Water. Her popular name is Mekong River. She defines the Lao and Thai border for 850 kilometres. I took this picture from the Lao side. There are three friendship bridges that connect Thai and Lao over this Mekong River : Vientiane-Nong Khai, Savvanakhet-Mukdahan, and Tha Khaek-Nakhon Phanom.

Although she always seems without guard, this is actually a highy monitored border area. Don’t sit, swim, or hang out by the river at night. Don’t smoke some herb near this area after 11.30 pm. There are undercovered police around this riverside. If you are seen doing something suspicious, these undercovered police will catch you and then you will be surrounded by uniformed and armed policeman.

So… please be careful and realize.. Please be smart around this silent boundary..

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : The Mother of Water Between Us”

    1. Iya, Mbak… entah kenapa Mekong itu benar-benar memikat hati ya… selain ukurannya yg bikin ternganga juga karena kemampuannya berbalik arah aliran.. Mekong buatku selalu menghipnotis.. bikin betah berlama-lama meski hanya memandangi alirannya (asalkan jangan ada bau-bau ajaib aja…hehe).

      1. One day buat post deh Na, tentang aliran Mekong yg berbalik arah itu. Ada istilah Khmernya (aku lupa). Dengan cinta yang dalam, cerita itu pasti akan bagus banget…

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