Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : I Care

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”

The word “Care” brings my mind to another word : “Family”.

Because the first thing we learn about care is from our family. The love and attention from our family makes us live and be who we are today.

After I read this week’s photo challenge, I tried to find a family picture which shows some signs of care, but I couldn’t find any. Instead, I found this picture :



This picture is taken in Alas Kedaton, Tabanan, a famous monkey forest in Bali.

When I visited this place, I found this two monkey’s mothers. Each of them held a baby monkey in their arms. The first mother not only took care to his own baby, but also to a baby of her friend. Please take a closer look to the first picture : She’s looking for lice from her friend’s baby while holding her own baby. And in the second picture, she’s checking the palm of the sleeping baby.

They are just the monkey, but these monkeys show us the simple form of “care”, not only for our own family, but for every people around us.


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