Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Go West

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”

This evening, when I was thinking about this week’s photo challenge, sudenly an old familiar song run in my mind :
“Go west, life is peaceful there.. Go west…” (I forgot the next lyrics)

This old song brought me to this picture :


I work in a factory located at the north coast of Java Island. Everyday, I literally go (to the) west to reach my home from my workplace. There are no mal, cinema, cafe, or another modern entertainment area near my factory, but I’ve finally found the best place to treat myself : Merak Ferry Port.


This port is located at the halfway of my daily journey home, just thirty minutes from my workplace. Usually I reach this place just 15 minutes before the sunset.


Until now, it is always a best treatment to my soul to sit on a short concrete wall, exactly in front of Merak Besar Island. I watch the ferries arrive from Lampung (Sumatera) and depart from Merak (Java), and also see some men who jumps to the sea to catch the coins that has been thrown by the ferry passengers.
I love to see the last ray of light give its place to the darkness.
And I know that my Mother Nature is embracing me, so I always feel warm and peace although this is not a quite place.



All of them make me learn about life and how to be thankful.
Every sunset marks the end of the day, it reminds me to close today’s worries, and helps me to forget about how stressful my life was.

Sitting here, doing nothing.
I am being treated by Mother Nature to be a new and better me.


Go West.. Life is peaceful there
Go West.. In the open air
Go West.. Where the skies are blue
Go West.. This is what we’re gonna do
(Go West – Pet Shop Boys)


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