What is the meaning of “I Love You”?

You wrote the words “I Love You” in that small paper, then you gave it to me.
I pretend I haven’t seen that words, because I don’t understand the meaning of those three words.

I read and reread those simple words behind your back.
I still can’t believe you wrote these magical words.
And I don’t understand the meaning of “I Love You”..

Your words always make me fly so high.
The “Don’t be too busy..” made me smile all week long..
And the words “Do it tomorrow, because now is late at night”, made me hold my phone tightly..
You said “Your blouse is beautiful..” “It’s time for you to sleep”, or “You save my life”. I long to hear them over and over again..

Can I interpret your words just as they are?
Or should I put another meaning to make them sound casual?

What is the meaning of “I love you?”
May I ask you to confirm the true meaning of this words?

If you only knew..
Those words have stayed in my heart and my mind from the first moment we met.
But I always keep them in my lips…

Please tell me the truth…
My mind is filled with questions about you and your life.
And until you tell me the truth,
I will assume your words “I love you” as just three ordinary words..

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