Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : I Have Decided to Move Forward


A small bridge or hanging bridge always makes me feel uncomfortable. I always thought that the frame and the support were not strong enough, so they would be detached from the main construction. I afraid to fall to the water, because I couldn’t swim to save my life.

I remember my friend held my hand strongly to make me cross a hanging bridge over a small river. It was the most embarrassing moment in my life. The bridge continued to falter when we stepped, and I started to scream. But he held my hand in his hand, and put it close to his chest, he ask me to see the sky and the beautiful river, so I could forget my fears for a while.

Ten months ago, I challenged myself to cross a floating platform bridge over the Java Sea which connect two jetties of my factory.


I was alone, no one beside me to hold my hand. It’s very hard for me to take the first steps. But I knew I should. Both of my hands held the frame, and I walked like a creep.

My biggest fear suddenly came when I stood in the middle of the platform, because I realized that I was so far away from the land. The clouds were darker and it started to rain. I couldn’t get anywhere. I had tried to step back to the land, but then I thought : “I must reach that end point. Do it now, or I will be a coward forever.” After more than 10 minutes stood in the silence, considered all possibilities (and almost cried), I decided to step forward. I remember what my friend had told me : “See the beautiful sky and river, so you can forget your fear!”


Still my hands held the frame, tighter. I started to walk as fast as possible. And this is the reward for my struggle :


.. A very beautiful and unforgettable view.. Finally, I won over my fears and my tears.

Those photos in this post were taken a week ago. Now I have no problem to walk over this floating bridge (but I still need to hold the frame tightly… LOL)

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : I Have Decided to Move Forward”

  1. Congrats on your conquer.
    just a photography advice – In the first pic, the lines are leading to an empty space. Try clicking the same with a contrast subject and see the pic bump up a notch. Free advice 😀

  2. Do you know what the brave is? It is not the one who does not feel afraid but the one who conquers that fear, who smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection… am so proud of you Na… great post!

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