Weekly Photo Challenge : Three Reds


Malacca City is the capital city of Malaysian state of Malacca. Malaysian people named this city as Bandar Melaka. In 2008, this city was listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When you enter this small city, you will find some eye-catching building with red colour, especially when you arrive at the area around stadhuys (city hall). This area is well known as Red Square or Dutch Square because all the surrounding buildings are painted in red. These buildings were ordered  to be painted in red by British Governor  at 1911.

I am so lucky that I could capture the three reds building in one frame.

Okay, now let’s start from the first tower in the left.

This is Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower, or Malaka Red Clock Tower. Who is Tan Beng Swee? Tan Beng Swee is the second generation of a Chinese phylanthropic millionaire family in Malacca. This tower was given to the people in 1886 by Tan Jiak Kim, his son, to fulfil the wishes of his father. The initial clock was imported from England, but it has been changed by Seiko in 1982. You can stop or wait for the bus, from and to Malacca Central in front of this clock tower.

The next building, in the middle of the photo is the Youth Museum and Art Gallery. Unfortunately, the tree block some view of the top of this building. It was built in 1784 as Dutch Administrative Complex, but it turned into a  post office and Anglo Chinese School in 1931. The Youth Museum (Muzium Belia Malaysia) is located on the ground floor, while the upper floor is allocated for Malacca Art Gallery (Balai Seni Lukis Melaka). The art gallery was established in 1958, and the Youth Museum was oficially opened on 15 April 1992.

The last building is Christ Church. This church was completely built in 1753 as the Dutch Reformed Church after Dutch conquest the Malacca from Portuguese. But in 1838 this church was reconsecrated to be the Anglican Church of England and renamed Christ Church after the signing of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824.

Welcome to Malacca City, learn the long story about it, and indulge your self in this heritage site.



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Three Reds

    1. mba… aku stress banget pas hari pertama…soalnya crowded banget, pada narsis, selfie, pokoknya ngalangin pemandangan deh… bener2 bikin emosi jiwa karena ngga pernah dapet sudut yang pas buat motret semua. Besok paginya, jam 7 aku udah keluar dr hostel, pakai sepeda untuk nyari bukit china, trus pulangnya lewatin Red square ini, dan tadaaa… masih sepiii banget… hahaha… jadilah aku puas-puasin motret… gak sampe setengah jam berikutnya, area ini rame lagi… fyuh…

    1. Iya, Brad… awalnya aku ngga ngeh kalau jam segitu disana tuh matahari baru terbit, dan yang ramai cuma pasar aja. Pemilik hostelnya juga baru bangun tidur pas aku mau berangkat.. hehe.. tapi puas banget… bisa dapat pemandangan tanpa kerumunan orang… hehehe

      1. Kalo ke Lasem harus via Semarang. Dari sana naik bis apa saja jurusan Surabaya. Turun di Lasem. Biasanya orang turun di pertigaan Masjid Besar. Kalo mau aku bisa kenalin ke Mas Pop. Dia aktivis pusaka Lasem dan bisa nganterin ke tempat2 sekitar situ. Orangnya juga funky. Hehe

      2. Mas Pop bisa dikontak di 08978217838. Dia juga mengelola penginapan murah. Kondisi spartan sih, tapi terbayar dengan blusukan ke desa2 bareng geng motor alias geng aktivis pusaka Lasem. You will not regret it.

      3. it will be a great and unforgettable experience for me.. Thanks a lot, Brad.. Jujur selama ini aku bahkan ngga pernah ngeh tentang Lasem, until Mba Riyanti showed me your blog this morning…

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