Weekly Photo Challenge : Her Eyes

Eye Spy


There is a good quote about eyes : “Eyes so transparent that through them the soul is seen.” (Theophile Gautier).
Can you see the soul of this monkey’s mother through her eyes?

Her eyes are wide and beautiful,
But I feel the emptiness in her eyes.
And I wonder what is running in her mind?
Does she feel worry about the future of her child?
Or maybe she feels afraid of losing her child, doesn’t she?

I wish I could ask her to share her burden..
So I can see her bright and lovely eyes..

*This picture was taken at Batu Cave, Malaysia


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Her Eyes

  1. Duh, sorot matanya sendu… pas banget dengan temanya nih Mbak. Bagus sekali interpretasinya. Mata memang cerminan hati, meski pada satwa, tapi seorang ibu pasti punya naluri, dan naluri itu terpancar, tulus sekali pada sinaran matanya :)). Foto yang bagus banget!

    1. Kak Gara…makasih banyak yaa… aku juga kepikiran kenapa ya si mama monkey kayaknya berbeban berat begitu… hiks..hiks..
      Ayo, Kak…kutunggu fotonya kakak tentang “Eye”

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