Weekly Photo Challenge : Oops

Last week, I tried to climb Mount Papandayan, one of a stratovulcano complex located in Garut, West Java.
Our guide took the group to the Dead Forest, even though this route is forbidden for the hikers, due to the risk of landslides.

Heavy rain greeted us there. It made me shiver so I could not focus my camera to take a beautiful picture. The mist covered my camera lens as well, because the temperature is cold enough.

And the result is an Oops! photo :



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Oops

  1. Oops, snapped by mistake… #eh. Oops I forgot clean the lens… *kemudian ditimpuk kamera*.
    Tapi ini memberi nuansa tersendiri, lho. Semacam suram yang kabur begitu, seperti kalau seseorang menerapkan pesimisme dalam memandang masa depannya. Apalagi warnanya cocok. Ya saya cuma memandang dari sisi yang berbeda sih, menurut saya demikian :hehe.

    1. Tenang, ka…ngga akan ditimpuk kamera, tapi ditimpuk pake hape…soale motonya pake hp…hahaha… *puas…puas…
      Iya, kak…warnanya abu2 suram banget yah…sesuram moment itu… uh..ngga cocok nih buat tema Oops..harusnya buat tema “pesimism”

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