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Weekly Photo Challenge : Remember When We Were Together


When I find out that this week’s challenge is gathering, I immediately remember this picture.


Hmm… I hope this will be my only post that shows the face of my close friends..

This photo was taken 9 days ago, right after we reached the edelweiss field at Mt. Papandayan. We came from different city, with different religions, different ethnics, different genders, and different ages. But we gathered to join the volun-tourism program of ASEAN Youth Organization.

One of our activities was to climb the Mt. Papandayan in Garut Regency. We took more than three hours to reach Tegal Alun (2.500 metres above sea level), where we found the breathtaking view of edelweiss meadow. I love to see this picture, because it shows our happy and proud  faces, and also our natural expression.

Some people says Mt. Papandayan is the mountain for beginners. But for us, we had to strive to climb it. Some of us wanted to give up in the middle of the journey. But, we supported each other, we walked hand in hand through the heavy tracks. And finally all of us could reach the point. Here I admit the truth of a proverb : A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

This picture will be a good memory of our togetherness. It will always be a good reminder for us to walk and work together to reach a better ASEAN Youth Organization.

This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive.
(Alice Waters)


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Remember When We Were Together”

    1. Makan kerupuk, mbak…hehehe… jadi dari rumah itu dibekelin nasi goreng sisa sarapan, sisa lalap, sisa buah, dan sisa kerupuk, mbak… ternyata di atas laris manis dalam hitungan menit…

      1. hahhaaa… bener banget, mbaaa…. ditambah lagi udaranya dingin… untung aja dilarang metik edelweiss, coba kalau nggak, udah dilalap rame2 tuh ama kita…. wkwkwkwkwkwkwk…

  1. Ini mah gathering dalam bentuk paling klasik Mbak :hihi, tapi paling afdol sekaligus paling membekas, ketimbang gathering lewat socmed yang cuma berakhir sebagai arsip di dalam gawai, tanpa kenangan dan pelajaran :hehe. Saya suka dengan quote di akhir postingan–bersama-sama memang akan membuat kita makin maju, pendek kata, makin hidup!
    Ngomong-ngomong, Mbak kayaknya yang ambil fotonya ya :haha.

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