Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Today


This picture is my “Now ” moment. As I look outside my office’s window, the sky gives me this surprise..

Today is the last working day before a long Christmas holiday, we are so happy to greet this moment.
But we also very sad, because today is the last day for our friend to work here, because he gets a new job in Saudi Arabia. You know, the word “good bye” is not an easy word to be said.. Because we have been worked together for more than eight years, through the good times and bad times. 

But, We are so happy and proud of him..

Some years ago, he told me this quotes :
1. When is the most important time? NOW
2. Who is the important person? The one you are with NOW
So, when I read that this week’s challenge is about NOW, I clearly remember his words, and all our good memories together.

Back to the window..
Now is the rainy season in Indonesia, and usually the sky’s colour is grey. But today, God gives us a blue sky with beautiful clouds formation. The weather is good enough to warm our heart and gives us a good mood to celebrate Christmas..

“Dwell in the present moment, because this is the only place you will find peace..
And this too will pass.. Let’s realize that one day our life will break apart, that is why every moment is so precious..” (Ajahn Brahm)


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Today”

  1. Kayaknya, ketika kita bisa tahu bersyukur dengan segala momen, awan yang paling kelabu pun bisa tampak paling indah ya Mbak. Cantik langitnya, dan selalu, langit paling indah adalah langit sehabis hujan :hehe. Selamat berlibur, semoga liburannya menyenangkan! Cerita-cerita seru selama liburannya ditunggu ya :hihi.

    1. met liburan juga, Kak Gara… ditunggu cerita2nya lhoooo… hehehe… kemarin postingan yang tentang Kebo Iwa aku share ke temen kerjaku, dan dia sampe takjub gitu bacanya… *soalnya dia awalnya sangat memuja Gajah Mada… hehehe

      1. Saya memang agak frontal dalam menulis postingan itu, apalagi buat yang mengidolakan beliau. Yah tapi menurut saya itulah yang terjadi, karenanya… :)).

      2. Sejarah bisa dipandang dari berbagai sisi Mbak. Tapi biasanya sejarah ditulis oleh para pemenang, karenanya pasti berpihak padanya. Namun kalau kita bisa memandang dari dua sisi dulu sebelum menilai, pemahaman kita jadi lebih menyeluruh dan objektif. Saya meyakini itu :)).

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