Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Upslope Fog


It is foggy over the dead forest..
I am not alone but I feel so lonely..
I can see nothing, I can’t see you..
All I see is a cloud touching the ground..

The rain is falling, but suddenly it stops again..
And the fog is thickening again..
Hold my hand while the fog is rolling in..
Because I don’t know which way to go..

I am afraid, please don’t walk too fast..
Don’t leave me behind, for I am very tired..

The fog is dark, isolating, and unstoppable..
Why should we go on?
It prevents us from seeing our way..
Can’t we stop for a while?


Papandayan, December 12, 2015

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : The Upslope Fog”

  1. Kabutnya mulai menelan semua yang tampak, menjadikan semuanya abu-abu… dramatis banget. Saya membayangkan bagaimana ya kalau ada di dalamnya? Terus tersesat, nggak tahu mau ke mana, hilang… wah menyeramkan… apalagi kalau sendirian.
    Tapi musim ini bukan berarti suram dong ya? :hehe.

      1. GPS hati kan selalu nyala Na… hihihi… dari kecil aku selalu terkagum-kagum sama yang namanya kabut sih, jadi kalo ketemu, seperti ketemu pacar Na… šŸ˜€

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