Weekly Photo Challenge

The Future of Our Tradition

Last week I visited Begori, a small village in the town of Serawai, West Kalimantan, where Dayak traditions are still strong. This village is located on the Melawi Riverbank, so if you want to go to another village, you have to use speed boat. Now there is a small road constructed by private company, but only trail motorcycle could pass it. There is no electricity in this village so some people must put up the generator.

There I was greeted by some teenagers who danced their traditional dance in the Hopong (greeting) ceremony.


All of them study in public elementary school number 25 and public junior high school number 5, the only school in their village. After graduate from this school, most of them will go to Serawai then Sintang or Pontianak to continue their education. Some of them will find a job outside this village and do not come home for a very long time.


But.. Wherever they go.. I hope they will not forget their village and their family.. I wish they could preserve the Dayak old tradition and wisdom that has deep meanings to all mankind. I wish they will not forget the land, the forest, the hill, and the river.

I hope the will always be proud of the Dayak blood flowing in their bodies.
Future of our tradition lies in their hands…


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