Welcome To Jakarta…

It should be my Dinnertime. But I decided to skip it just to enjoy the evening view of this area.


The sun had almost set in Jakarta when I reached the crossing bridge near the Bundaran HI.
The silhouette of Selamat Datang Monument were framed by the light from the nearest building while the sun had fade away.

This monument was constructed to welcome the athletes and visitors of Asian Games 1962. Until now this monument always greets everyone who visits Jakarta with warm welcoming gesture and a flower bouquet.

So… Welcome to Jakarta..
The capital city of Indonesia..

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Jakarta…”

  1. What a lovely shot of blue hour over Jakarta. I hope you didn’t go hungry that night 😀 I visited Jakarta a few years ago. It was a lovely city despite the traffic jams everywhere. Your city certainly has stunning shopping malls 🙂

    1. Hi, Mabel.. Nice to meet you here. Where are you from?
      Haha… the traffic jams in Jakarta always make me crazy…
      Did you come to this area while you visitied Jakarta?

      1. I am from Australia, and the traffic here i snot as bad as Jakarta. Maybe I passed by this area – I mainly stuck to the middle of the city centre in Jakarta 😀

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