Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Hidden Face


Can you recognize the hidden
Face inside the tree roots? Yes it is the face of Lord Buddha. Please come to Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand to find His holy face..

No clear historical why this head is trapped inside the tree. One told that when Ayutthaya was defeated by Burmese, this temple was destroyed, so most of the images and parts fell to the ground. Then this temple had been deserted for hundred years and many trees had grown and covering this head.

But.. there is second story about this hidden head. It is told that a thief tried to steal the Lord Buddha’s head, but he could not carry it due to its weight, or maybe someone came and try to caught him. So he left the head inside the tree and as time goes by the tree covered it as we see at present.

Although this head is hidden inside the tree roots, but it can not hide the charm and glory of The Lord Buddha.

Reference : Worachetwarawat, Chaiwat. Ayutthaya.

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