Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Beads


My “Mama” who lives in Borneo gave me these two colourful bracelets. One day, the first bracelet fell to the floor and some of the beads were missing. The same incident happened to the other just two days later.

So I thought I must have some
Spare beads to replace the missing beads. These two bracelets are very valuable to me, so I have to keep this bracelet remain undamaged, though I have to replace the missing beads.

It was not easy to find the similar beads to fit the missing pieces. I must contact some art crafters from Borneo, and finally I got the small colourful beads from a crafter in West Borneo, and the big red beads was found in a bracelet seller inside a modern mall. Unfortunately the size and colour are not similar with the original.
But… when I put it together the difference is not clearly seen.

Hmm.. believe it or not.. These two bracelets are not ordinary bracelets.. Are you curious?

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