Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Zero Kilometre Marker


This is the zero kilometre marker of Bogor. We usually call it as “Pal”, from Dutch language “Paal” (pole). Perhaps not many people know about this marker. Its location is in front of Bogor Mayor’s Office at Jalan Juanda, one of the busiest street in Bogor. And this marker is like drowning among people and buildings.

In the past time, the zero marker of Bogor was the dome of Bogor Presidential Palace. But then it moved to the present place because the palace is not open to the public.

This zero kilometre marker was made by Dutch governor with European style, when it colonized Indonesia. The Dutch called this city as “Buitenzorg”, means “carefree”. Herman Williem Daendels set the Bogor zero kilometre in the center of this city, surrounded by some government buildings, train station, palace, churches, post office, and also Bogor Botanical Garden.

In this marker we can find many codes and  Numbers  : “Bgr 0” means zero kilometre of Bogor, “Jtn 47” means 47 kilometres to Jatinegara, and “Jkt 59” means 59 kilometres to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

Do you know? Daendels built the cities with the average distance 60 kilometres between each city. As 59 kilometres from Bogor to Jakarta, 58 kilometres from Bogor to Cianjur, and also 60 kilometres from Bogor to Sukabumi. Such a magic number?

Happy 534th birthday to Bogor.. I love Bogor (Sundanese : Abdi bogoh ka Bogor)

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Zero Kilometre Marker”

  1. salam kenal Celina
    aduuh aku kok baru tau info ini ya, tentang jarak Bogor ke kota2 lain itu..
    kupikir pal ini buatan jaman sekarang,
    pal yg di luar kota buatan lama jugakah?

    1. Hai, Monda… hehehe…iya…aku juga baru tahu.. kalau tidak salah sebagian besar pal2 di kota2 pulau Jawa dibuat pada saat Daendels membangun jalan pos.. Monda tinggal di Bogor?

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