Weekly Photo Challange : Rainbow


I always love rainbow. It’s such a wonder from the heaven that makes me skygazing. But this was my first experience to see rainbow from the window of the airplane.

I had just finished a long and hard journey to a remote place in Borneo (Kalimantan), when Mother Nature gave me this amazing sight. It’s a very beautiful rainbow in the middle of dark clouds. It was a colourful Curve that  created another good curve on my face: my smile. 

It’s true what have been said by Aberjhani :

Rainbows introduce us to reflections of different beautiful possibilities so we never forget that pain and grief are not the final options in life.     


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challange : Rainbow

  1. Lho ya saya belum pernah lihat pelangi dari pesawat, hiks. Bagus, kelabu di belakangnya jadi sembuh saja karena ada pelanginya :hehe.

    1. Kak Gara… apa kabar… kok menghilang lama sekaliii….
      Haha…iya Kak… I was so lucky… Aku diingetin pasti ada warna-warni dalam hidup kita walaupun kelihatannya gelap… hehehe

      1. Kabar baik meski agak suntuk karena masalah blog belum beres-beres :haha.
        Tapi seperti kata Mbak, pasti ada warna-warni dalam kehidupan kita walaupun kelihatannya gelap, pasti ada warna-warni juga dalam masalah ini ya :amin. Ujian sabar, ujian sabar. Kalau lulus nanti saya naik kelas (meyakinkan diri sendiri). Thank you for cheering me up with those words :)).

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