Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Brothers in Arms



If you visit Corregidor Island in Manila Bay Phillipines, you will find this area named Filipino-American Friendship Park, located in the middleside of this island, directly behind Pacific War Memorial.

This park was created to commemorate the partnership and shared experiences of the Filipinos and Americans who had fought together side by side in the Pacific War during World War II in the Phillipines.

In this park you will meet 10 ft bronze sculpture, called Brothers in Arms. It depicts an American soldier helping an injured Filipino soldier. The Filipino soldier is badly wounded, with a bandage around his head and with his arm bandaged, and he’s being supported by his American friend.

Until today, the Filipinos still celebrate this friendship every July 4th. This day is designated by President Ramos to commemorate the liberation of this country by Filipino and American soldiers.

In these hallowed surroundings where heroes sleep, may their ashes scatter with the wind and live in the hearts of those who were left behind. They dies for freedom’s right and in heaven’s sight. Theirs was a noble cause.

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