Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Light in The Darkness

This is the classic form of Opposites : Dark vs Light.

The dusk came and the city of Nyaung Oo were slowly covered by the darkness. But there’s a golden light from Shwezigon Pagoda.

When I captured this moment, I remembered one famous quotes from Sir Francis Bacon :

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. 

Don’t hate the darkness, because in the darkness we can recognize the light.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Light in The Darkness”

      1. Waduh… trus liat2 temples nya juga ujan2an? Adooooo….. inget jaman aku kesana pas panassss… sama nih di jepang lg panas banget… aku meleleh… heuheuheu

      2. Kemarin siy sempet ujan2an mbak… udah kayak ninja kita pake keresek.. hahaha…. tapi ngga deras hujannya… hari ini berawan tapi ga hujan… ngga lihat matahari dua hari ini.. hehehe

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