Weekly Photo Challenge

A Morning on Mt. Kyaiktiyo

It was a cold, foggy, windy, and rainy Morning  on Mt. Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar. The fog was very thick and the visibility was less than 20 metres. 

It’s 6 am in the morning, but the monks already woke up, took their alms bowl, and did their almsround. They did it silently with their barefoot, without any umbrella, jacket, or anything to cover their head and body from the rain.

The voluntarily alms giving to the monks and nuns is a tradition of Buddhist countries, such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The pindapata (original words of almsround in Pali) means “dropping a lump”, describing the process where the food accumulates in the alms bowl. This ritual can be seen every morning in any village or city in Buddhist country.

The almsround is a thing that will make your morning become so special, because it is not only the ritual of collecting the food, but it gives us (lay people) the chance to have a wideheartedness and connection in spirituality.


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