Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Giant Water Lilies

Giant Water Lilies

Victoria amazonica is the largest of water lilies’ family. This species has very large leaves, up to 3 metres in diameter and can bear 12 kgs weight on it. It floats on the water’s surface by its a 7 to 8 metres length stalk. 

Its original habitat is in South America, mostly in the backwaters of rivers in the Amazon basin. But it is increasingly threated due to climate change and rainforest destruction. In the next few years, this water lily may become a Rare species.

This photo was taken at Astrid Pond inside Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia. The seed of this giant water lilies was sent to Indonesia from Amsterdam Botanical Garden in 1860 by Dutch government. Now these giant water lilies are still preserved and protected under Indonesian Institute of Science. 

In the photo you can see a white flower of water lilies. The flowers are white at the first night but become pink at the next day. They only bloom just for 48 hours. The diameter of the flower can reach up to 40 centimeter. So we rarely get to see this flower.

Save our planet and save this giant Victoria amazonica. Let our children and grandchildren see this beautiful giant in the future.

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