Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Norry

Civil War in Cambodia during 1970s until 1990s made the railways in dilapidated state so all train services in Cambodia were suspended in 2009.

But in Battambang, people has Repurposed the railway in early 1980s to be used by the bamboo train (norry/nori/lorry) to carry people, livestock, rice, and also motorcycle. This bamboo train inspired by the small rail vehicles used by the railway workers to carryout repairs.

Now this norry is very popular to the tourist. With 5 US$ for a pax, you can enjoy the sensation of this bumpy bamboo train which speed can reach 50 kms per hour (and sometimes more). 

Some railways now are currently being rehabilitated by the government and some line has been operated again. And I heard that the government will reopen the northern rail line. Norry probably would not last much longer.

So… let’s come immediately to Battambang..

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