Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Dense Smog

I visited Kuala Lumpur in September 2015 when it covered in its worst smog ever due to the forest fires. 

I took this picture from the top of KL Tower and this view broke my heart. The Petronas Tower as the landmark of Kuala Lumpur, were shrouded in Dense grey smog. It looked like everything was swallowed by the smoke and will disappear at the moment.

Hope it won’t be happened again.. Anywhere in this world..

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Dense Smog”

  1. Great photo.
    It has been happening for so many years now. I remember well when I lived on Borneo twenty years ago! The main cause is land and plantation owners burning old growth rainforest to plant palm oil. It’s causing irreversible environmental damage and amongst other things is pushing orangutans to extinction.
    Check your labels of food and cosmetics and look at the real cost. 😦

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