Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Between The Ruins

This is one of my unforgettable trip in Cambodia : Beng Mealea. I reached this temple around 5 pm, when the sun was going to go home. 

I was accompanied by Srey, a little girl who lives across the west gate of the temple. Thank you so much Srey, because the darkness started to cover the ruins of this temple.

Built in 12th century under King Suryavarman II, this temple located 68 kilometres from Siem Reap, and 40 kilometres from Angkor Thom. This temple is still unrestored and least visited. For years it was difficult to reach because surrounded by thick jungle. 

When you walk across the wooden Bridge inside the ruins of this temple, you’ll feel the different sensations, mysterious yet romantic. You’ll feel that you’re so small, compared to its splendor. 

For your information, the wooden bridges and walkways were originally constructed for filming the Jean Jacques “Two Brothers” in 2004.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Between The Ruins”

  1. Magic-nya masih sama ya Na.. Aku datang saat mentari baru saja bangun dan dirimu datang saat mentari mau bobo lagi… Seandainya ada waktu luang lebih panjang, temple ini yang aku ingin kunjungi sekali lagi…

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