Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Spean Thma

Spean Thma is a classic Khmer word means “Stone Bridge”. Yes.. it’s really made of stone. 

Sarun, the tuk-tuk driver suddenly stopped his tuk-tuk just a few metres after we visited Thomanon Temple. Then he said “bridge”, at first I didn’t understand what he was talking about. He had to said it three times before I realized that he show me a ruins of a bridge. 

“Old Bridge“, he said again. Hmm.. bridge? Yes.. its structure really looks like the old stone bridge that I saw in some books about Angkor. But where is the river? 

After I go home, I find some references about it. Its name is Spean Thma, built in 15th century. It’s located in the west of Takeo temple, 200 metres from Thomanon and 700 metres from Angkor Thom’s Victory Gate. The bridge remains where it was built six centuries ago, but the river’s course has been shifted.

Then I realize.. I am so lucky to see the remnants of this post Angkorian construction. Thank you Sarun..

If you visit Angkor Archaeological Park, be sure you don’t miss this old bridge.


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