Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Yellow Ukulele

This yellow ukulele originally belonged to Mr. Teiji Katsuyama. He was a Chief of Technology in my office and retired three years ago. We lived in a same boarding house and almost every night, I heard him playing this ukulele. 

One day, he started to teach me a simple song : You are my sunshine. And since that day, I started to love this instrument. I’ve learned so many songs and Mr. Katsuyama introduced me to many Japanese songs (he usually translated the lyrics into English). 

Before he retired and returned to his country, he gave this yellow ukulele to me. I keep this ukulele as I keep my memory with him. Until now, in his email he always asks, “Are you still playing ukulele?” 

I miss you so much, Grandpa Katsuyama.. 


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