Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Walking Tour Phnom Penh

Hi.. Good morning everyone. This morning let me be your Tour Guide for this walking tour of Phnom Penh. This city once known as The Pearl of Asia. Its name figure out how beatiful this city in the past time and the beauty still remains until now. This city is also known as “The four faces” or Chaktomuk where the Mekong river and Tonle Sap meet each other and become the lower Mekong and Bassac river. 

Ok.. let’s start the journey from the most important place of this city : The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. 

Silver Pagoda

The Silver Pagoda is located on the south side of the Royal Palace and know as Wat Preah Keo Morakot, or “The temple of the Emerald Crystal Buddha”. During King Norodom Sihanouk‘s, the Silver Pagoda was inlaid with more than 5,000 silver tiles and some of its outer facade was remodeled with Italian marble. 

Now.. I will show you my favorite place in Phnom Penh : The Royal Palace. 

The Royal Palace is a complex of buildings which serves as the royal resdence of the king of Cambodia. The construction started in 1866. 

The Throne Hall, as the heart of Royal Palace

The Preah Tineang Tevea Vinnichay Mohai Moha Prasat or “Throne Hall” means the “Sacred Seat of Judgement.” This is a place where The King carried out His duty and still in use until today. Please don’t take any picture of the inside part of this building.

The King’s Residence (The Khemarin Palace)

The Khemarin Palace means “Palace of the Khmer King”, and used as an official residence of the King of Cambodia. This compound is separated from other buildings by a small wall and is located to the right of the Throne Hall. Can you see the blue flag there? Yes. The flag is the Kingdom’s flag. If you see the raising flag, it means that His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni is inside the Khemarin Palace. Wow. ❤❤

Moonlight Pavilion

The most notable part of the Royal Palace is The Moonlight Pavilion, becase it is seen from the outside. This pavilion’s function is as a stage for Khmer Classical Dance. 

This Royal Palace built faces the east, where we can find the “Chaktomuk”. This river bank is a favorite place for local people to hang out watching sunset or sunrise.

Sunrise behind the Sokha Hotel

Okay.. now let’s walk more to the north. 

Can you see the red building behind this park? Yes it is the National Museum. Built from 1917 to 1920, this building keeps the largest collection of Khmer arts from the prehistoric period until the Khmer Empire period. We’ll enter this museum later, okay. 

And now we will walk to the Wat Ounalom. This wat is the most importamt wat of Cambodia as the center of Cambodian Buddhist. It was established in 1443 and once damaged by Khmer Rouge during the year zero of Cambodia(1975-1979), but already restored now. In this complex we believe that there’s a relic of Buddha’s eyebrow inside a stupa.

Okay.. Let’s walk again. Now we are passing the night market area, but since now is morning, we can not see the market bustling. Tonight please come to this market, and you can find anything you want from food to fabric, from earring to shoes with very good qualities but lowest price in Asia. Don’t forget to negotiate with the seller okay!!

Ok.. now we will finish our walking tohr in Wat Phnom. 

This white wat is the oldest Buddhist Temple in Phnom Penh, built in 1372 and stands 27 metres on the ground. It is the central point of Phnom Penh. This temple is related with the legend of Daun Penh (Grandma Penh) who found a large koki tree floating on the river. Inside it, she found four bronze Buddha statues, then he built this wat to protect the statues. In 1437, King Ponhea Yat instructed to raise this hill when he finished the construction of The Royal Palace in this new city. He named this city as Krong Chaktomum Mongkol, but simply known as Phnom Penh (Hill of Penh). Inside you can see a shrine with the statue of Daun Penh inside it.

Ok. I hope you enjoy our tour this morning. I am so happy to guide you around this part of Phnom Penh. And will be very happy to guide you to the other part of Phnom Penh. 

See you again on the next tour. 

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Walking Tour Phnom Penh”

  1. Trus aku harus cerita apa buat blog kamboja coba? Hahahaha… kritiiiiiing deh sekarang akunya….
    By the way, ini bagus banget lho, itu pakai ada hati-hatinya duh… sangat terlihat cinta banget sama phnompenh… selalu merindu yaaa…?😊😊

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