Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Ascend

Its name is Kamay Ni Hesus, a pilgrimage destination in Lucban, Philippines. It is well known for the steep hill named Via Dolorosa Grotto (Stations of The Cross). You need to take 300 steps to the top to reach the peak of the hill and meet the 50 ft Risen Christ Statue. His hands spread… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge : Ascend

My Journey...

Malaikat Berseragam Petugas Imigrasi

Sejak pertama kali ikutan travelling ke luar negeri, saya selalu deg-degan dengan yang namanya "imigrasi". Mungkin karena teman travelling pertama saya cerita tentang betapa mengerikannya diinterogasi oleh petugas imigrasi Singapura gara-gara dia ngga menulis alamat tinggalnya dengan lengkap. Beruntungnya, sampai hari ini (semoga selalu dan selamanya), saya belum pernah dapat pengalaman yang buruk banget dengan… Continue reading Malaikat Berseragam Petugas Imigrasi

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Cheeky Cats

At first, I have no idea which photo is match with this week's challenge. But when I open my phone's gallery, I choose this picture : They are Nyet (the yellow one) and Ucil. They always fight and never get along. One day, they sat so close to each other, what a very rare moment… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge : Cheeky Cats

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challange : Transformation

For this week theme about Transformation, I remember the picture I captured so long ago. This picture shows us the seed germination, the process when the seed grows into a new plant.  Seed takes time to grow, and it must change to grow. After undergoes a transformation and takes on a new form, everyone recognizes its… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challange : Transformation